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This is my 5 point mini manifesto as discussed in the PPD session.

What I want to be as a designer:

What I used to be as a designer
Closed off and univentive. I stuck to a certain style and structure. Everything ended up looking similar. Before I came on the course I designed more in a literal sense. I came off the ND thinking what else can I possibly learn, but I really would have struggled and in the end unhappy that I was not pushing myself.

What I am now
Expressing myself better but still not branching off and designing outside my comfort zone. I still feel I need to work on that. I have grown in confidence through the year, and I feel like I keep growing as a designer and with nearly every piece I see a progression from the last. I still go through a phase of immediately loving what I have just done but then hating it a week, or even a day later. I don't have much confidence in my work and I always seem to put myself down even if it doesn't come across that way.

Although everyone talks about time management, mine is not as bad as I think it is. I get everything in on time and work hard throughout, I haven't lowered my standards, but I still get enough sleep and enough social time.

Three things I want to become
Someone who will not be restricted to what pleases me, for example not designing for myself. Sometimes, my head is in the clouds or I close myself off and just think wow thats a great idea and jump into without thinking about audience, etc.

I want to be more aware of the world around me and extend my overall research and visual studies to be able to be more creative work with a vartiety of styles and understand audience better. I don't spend enough time looking at others work even though this blog has turned into a monster. I can't afford the subscriptions but I should spend more time in the library.

I want to be able to reflect on my own work and spend more time refining after deadlines. I also want to have more confidence in my work and not just deal in polished finals.

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