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Last week of real hard graft this week. Damn, this has come around quick, maybe too quick and so my hand his been forced a little into making decisions. I have looked at plenty of other designers stuff and made decisions into where I want to take this project but not made many efforts into put these ideas on paper. Yesterday and this morning I put my best ideas onto paper and ran with what I had. I have a couple of postcard designs already set up and so this is the third and I believe this will be a final.

When I designed it I didn't really think about scale and now I'm feeling as though all the hard work I put in is kind of wasted on a postcard so I want to do a large scale poster print of this too, I'm just thinking that a duplicate of one of the postcards might be seen as a cop out but I feel its a nice piece of design that the kids might want to put on their wall as inspiration for what they are about to study. This literally took me most of the day. All the type is hand drawn scanned and coloured. I'm proud of it but I know some people could knock this kinda thing out quicker. This is totally out of my comfort zone so thats why I'm so proud of it.

For me, this shows where I have come from and where I am going in terms of how I design and what I design. Before this project I had not focused on illustration so I felt like I should because I admired alot of the work other people were doing, I just wasn't convinced I could do it, until now, that is.

These next images are of a sketch I've done for the packaging. I have the net finished I just need a design to go with it. From the moment I thought about how to do the packaging I wanted to cover the pack with illustrative elements and lots of colour. I am still planning to have a slipcase over the top and I hope these sketches will look as good as this once digitised. Lauren said in a crit that I should look for such a polished finish on illustrations like these as the beauty and charm is in the little imperfections. I put this into practice on this postcard so I am hoping to do the same with the packaging.

I am still experimenting with the wristband, I have a design that I am happy with. I did'nt want it to be too graphic heavy so I only spent a matter of minutes on those. I just have to find a way to print them as all the ways I've tried so far, the fabric has frayed. I dont really want to use paper, so I'll see what happens. The top trump cards have not been started yet, but hopefully I'll get those done soon depending how things go this week. I can print them at home because they are as small as a playing card so thats a good thing. Ideally I would want to print at college but I just think I will have enough on with the packaging and postcards.

That's all for now... possibly last update of the week will be friday.

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