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I came across this packaging for pots of ink when looking at an illustrative example of her work. This piece of packaging gave me an idea of how to make my packaging more interactive. Laser cutting is something that I have wanted to do since the book of 100 project, and this is a cool way to make packaging interactive, I feel. Not only that but the graphics included on the packaging sell the product effectively. The important thing for this packaging is to show the colour inside in a positive light, and in this case, the intensity of the colour on the outside will sell the product.

This is a similar example by Sean Habig, for food packaging. Although it is not laser cut, it does show the product through the typography. I like the idea of 'filling' the typography with an image or illustration, and makes for much more interesting typography.

I am deffinitely swaying more toward developing a mailshot or intropack for the students.

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