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As part of the PPD module, we have to be able to analyse and critique artwork effectively. We were asked to bring 5 pieces of contemporary graphic design to critique. Then we had to pick two pieces from what each other had brought in.

I chose this
Beck album as a piece of design that I do like. This, to me, revolutionises the way we view album artwork. Whether it is a gimmick or a massive art project, the idea is something that could reinvent the CD format. With all of the focus on digital downloads, I feel this reconnects fans with the artist and allows them to feel part of the album. Technically, it seems quite childish to provide stickers for fans to create their own artwork, but its quite a creative process, and I feel that we as a nation take ourselves far too seriously, everyone can have an hour of escapism with this album on and responding to it in a visual way.

The second example I picked out was this poster by the designers republic. Often praised for their originality, I just do not like this. Whether this was the first of its kind or not, pixel stretching in a way that supposed to represent a futuristic vibe just does not work in my opinion. I don't think its as much this example that is so bad, but I feel that this has opened the floodgates for hundreds of imitations in the shape of club flyers that have been thrown together in 5 minutes to attract local louts drinking themselves into oblivion. This just stands for cheapness now, not for originality, yes it is a shame but I suppose this is an example of how tastes change.

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