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Just discovered Kate Moross' work. Just sat for about 30 minutes looking through her working and admiring it. This style is something I would love to adopt when going about this project. I'm hot on typography and sharp detail but I also love illustration out of admiration and jealousy to certain extent. I want to try the two together for this project as its something I have never done before successfully.

This is an example of her work for Sony. Nine times out of ten I would say that illustration and photography do not work together, but that is just my opinion. However, this, I feel, is a successful example due to how the photography and the illustration work together. The black backdrop helps stitch the two styles together, and the photography takes a back step to allow for the colour of the illustrative elements to surface. Moross says in her description of this piece "Vice asked me to show how happy the new Sony Walkman was for their magazine feature on the product. I photographed the product myself, and drew lots of happy monsters everywhere."

I'm sure people will remember this billboard campaign for Cadbury's Dairy Milk. The typography, for me, is exactly what it says it is. I think it's a lovely example of how both classic and contemporary design can work together. I love how the curls are presented as both liquid splashing around but also of serifs curling around to create the heavenly mood.

Here is some more typographic work. I love how the type is constructed and designed to be more than pure information. It gets me wanting to generate my own typefaces again.

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