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Mitch suggested in the crit last thursday that I should perhaps look at different illustrators/designers to get a variety of approaches to design rather than sticking to one throughout. I agreed with this as my work could start to look very 'samey' and I want this resolution to have an entertaining element to it.

So, I recently discovered the work of James Gulliver Hancock via and I looked at his work on his website. Hancock takes a different approach to Kate Moross, who I looked at before. The reason I chose these is because the style seems achievable or attainable to me . I don't see any point at this stage in looking at work that I admire but could not have a go at myself. These examples do have aesthetic appeal and would be inkeeping with where I intend to adopt the approach this illustrator takes. At the moment I am wanting to develop postcards with messages on and now I feel like this could be an approach I use to help me to create some meaningful and design solutions. These examples have a personal feel to them, a word often used too much. The reason they feel personal to me is down to the way illustrations are simple in terms of how they are drawn, and but also the size and the number of objects on the posters say to me that the illustrator would have spent a long time on it. I for one would rather see a piece like this than a rendered digital graphic as I can appreciate the time spent on this much more than something created by a computer.

It's the honest mistakes in scale and weight of line that appeal to me here, and I certainly could create a couple of ideas based on this type of approach.

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