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Matt Cipov

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Another great illustrator here. I seem to be swaying toward illustration much more than I used too but don't worry, I still view type and layout as my main thing. Nevertheless Matt Cipov's website is awesome. His illustrative really appeals to me.

His approach is totally different from other illustrators I have looked at like Kate Moross. He works with crayon or pastel and uses quite abit of different coloured stock. I am a fan of colour injection and this is just another way of going about it.

I have used crayons and pastel before but I always thought it looked a little messy and a little gcse. However, this type of thing urges me to experiment again.

His type work, although few and far between, gives his pieces a much more finished look. The bear and guitar one is quality.

First of all, despite my worries at the start of the year and thinking about how I would cope with the step up to degree level, I know now that it was a step I had to take if I wanted to make it in industry. I didn't apply anywhere else last year other than here, and I didn't realise just what was expected of me and what the course was like. All I knew was that I was ready to leave and try again to get into a job at any level.

I took the interview and went to open days still unsure of what to do. In the end I was the only person out of our whole group to be accepted. That made me feel really good about myself and the work I produced at that point. Obviously, Lorenzo and Fred had seen something in me that they didn't see in the others from my course. I never got on with them anyway so, whatever. Last year seemed like I was a big fish in a small pond. I had some industry experience and already had a focus on graphic design rather than an interest in illustration or art. However, I relied on my finishing skills to get me through. I enjoyed making nice looking pieces and got to do stuff like the college hoody in between.

This year has been brilliant. Making something look nice isn't acceptable. No-one is really impressed by aesthetics alone. There are also loads of different people with strengths in different areas but the important thing is they all have one common goal. Everyone wants to succeed. Everyone works hard and they get out what they put in. These are the best people I've worked with for sure. I know I'm a reserved character and I don't get involved as much as I should but this year has proved to me that I made the right choice in staying on. The latter part of the year has been better but the start of the year was beneficial. Had we not been thrown in at the deep end, we would not have progressed as much as we could have.

There's been ups and downs on a personal level. I've coped with some things well and others not so well. I doubted myself at the start and almost left, but I'm glad I got back on track and now I feel like I can do anything. I still doubt myself and I'm still my biggest critic when it comes to work, but I can deal with it.

No doubt next year is going to get harder still, but I just wish we could keep Amber and Jo.

I didn't want to write loads here, just something to round up the year.
Thought I'd upload it here. It is done but there might be spelling mistakes and stuff so I'll take care of those. My presentation follows similar lines to this, so I hope you won't all be bored on monday. I'm up first too so I need people on my side.

Link here just hope it works.

feedback appreciated