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I'm damned if I'm gonna leave this blog on 149 posts...

new blog can be found at
After a lazy month and a holiday to Wales, I feel sort of refreshed as I rub my eyes and yawn my head off, and its already 10am. I took some photos on holiday none of which had much to do with graphic design, well nothing did. It's just hills, trees and sheep. I did make a neat diagram of the number of people to sheep I saw during the day, but its hard when you wake up to thirty odd outside the window.

I won't go in to much detail here about what I have and haven't been upto. I'm in the process of moving blog. God it's so stressful trying to find the right URL. At least I don't have to move any boxes of posts.

I'll put the new address here once I've got one sorted out. For now though, now you know I'm alive, I'm finished here.

Onto year 2. I'm both dreading it and looking forward.

ha.and that was my 100th post of the year too.