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Type is primarily used to communicate a message but you can also use certain fonts more creatively. I found this on because its just different. It also reminded me of my ND Graphics Course, where I used type to communicate a concept. I used the Palatino font face to communicate my chosen concept of 'breathing space'. Visually it could do with tweaking but it still communicates the message I wanted.

Seen as I am studying typography at the moment, I thought it would be a good idea to look at the work of some typographers. It's good to see famous pieces such as the ones by Neville Brody and David Carson but I also like a lot of contemporary designs by lesser known typographers. The Bauhaus era was something I can relate too also, as I like simplicity.

The piece featured is by David Carson and holds a key message. Many times I have looked at a piece of work and thought the font was too small or unreadable. I just think that this piece shows thinking outside the box. The negative space around the big mess of type in the middle adds to the effect. Amongst this work I also like the Carson did for Ray Gun Magazine.

Phillipe Apeloig is a modern typographer who I admire. I was pointed in the direction of his work last week, and I just like the style of the fonts. To me, they seem inspired by early video game graphics. They may not work on a piece of modern design but the font types he has created just as good alone. The retro look appeals to me, even though I do not think I would work with font types such as these.

Not only a indication of where I am but also a great song title.

Bloc Party if you are wondering.

So I started the BA (Hons) Graphic Design on Monday, and all is going well. (Much better than the start of the ND.) I feel part of a group who want to achieve something. That was something I didn't feel entirely on the last course. The work load seems huge, which is better but also worse at the same time. I feel kind of under-prepared in someways, like this is a huge step up, but its one I needed to take.

I won't forget what I have achieved so far but I hope I can push myself further, as I saw my work increase in quality over the past two years and hope that my talent and experience increase further now. I'm just worried about messing up.