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Today, I quickly compiled a list of the works that I want to go in the presentation and my digital portfolio. Can I say right now how awesome it is to do a digital portfolio. The number of years I have had to mess around mounting work that was never straight almost killed me.

Now, here a few images of my work over the year and to be honest it doesn't look all that bad for a collection of work. I really beat myself up about what I had done early on but its not so bad after all.
The digital portfolio will have a selection of these works and I intend re-photograph some stuff with a camera from the photography department after the next module deadline passes. I think they have been short of cameras down there as of late so this seems like the best option.

Convince/Persuade us
This is from the first brief we had this year and I am including it to show how far not only I have come but how far the group has come. We thought that the series of posters we did looked really professional, and to me, this first project was a taster for what was to come. To start with I was really bothered about working in a group, but despite everyone not knowing each other that well we pulled together really well. Looking back we could have done some stuff different but it was a good set of visuals to start with.

No News is good news

These were for the 'no news is good news' brief and I decided to focus on football violence as my focus of the project. It was something I had background knowledge on anyway so I felt like it was a good and relevant subject. This first poster was based on Visual Literacy and using the English flag as symbolism. It was perhaps a little controversial as it paints england as a real violent nation that use sport as a way to inflict hurt on other communities as well as their own.

The other poster did not really have a message I just used illustration of found objects associated with football to spell the word violence. If I think about it now, it communicates that you don't always see violence but it is happening behind the scenes, and again football is used to fuel it. Of course there are rivalries between fans of different clubs but using violence towards each other makes the football redundant.

Wortleigh: A Typeface for Leigh Wortley
This was an enjoyable brief for me where I had to make a typeface for another member of the course. Leigh Wortley was the unlucky person I was paired with. For her typeface I incorporated traits that she told me about but also traits which I saw in her from day to day. At the time, I thought this looks a little like it was made for a guy but it does fit her personality well. I want to re-photograph this because I printed it off in sugar paper and it looked better than this.

Mailshot: No news is good news part 2
These, again, will have to be re-photographed and they are based on solving the issue of football violence in the form of a mailshot. I loved how these came out when I did them I thought they were the best thing I had done all year. For me, I felt that these had signaled that I had turned a corner because the format for this was different to anything I had done before. Before this I did posters and identities and that was about it. Working on a beer mat and envelope, etc helped me get to grips with what works on a certain scale and format.

Book of 100: Can Convention
These images are from the 'book of 100' brief. When this was first assigned, I felt like I had ages to work with. This was the first brief I really encountered problems. I was too quick to make decisions before actually thinking about every possibilites. This meant that I was left stuck on week 3 of the brief, and felt like I had done all I needed too. For sure, this brief opened my eyes and I found out how precious time was whether it be a one week or a five week brief. The finals were ok, but my finished book looked tatty, as I got let down by the print department.

What is a line? Identity
This was a much more successful book project for the 'what is a line?' brief. After experimenting and treating this project like an investigation it was a raise against time to actually come up with a final. This brief was interesting and it helped show me how to cope with multiple briefs with differing deadlines. The book itself I was happy with visually and the cover looked awesome. Again I want to photograph this again with a better camera. I printed on a see through stock on some of the pages which I still think is an ingenious idea and helps with interactivity.

Collaboration- If you talked to me...
The next image is from the collaborative brief I did with Lindsey. I loved working with Lindsey and had a good thing going. We both worked hard on it and I think we learned from each other. We both had different ways of working and we both had different strengths. I had the skills on the mac and she had the photography skills, both of which were vital to our finals. It was a positive experience which left my mind open about more collaborative work.

This is a full list of works I am looking at putting in the presentation and portfolio, but thats all for now.

Craig Article – spread(s) + design sheet(s)
Leighs typeface – photograph sugar paper + work sheet
20 questions – poster, photograph card
Football hooliganism – posters (experiment + final)
Red Posters series – Illustrations
Exhibit A – look how far we have come in a year
Mail Shot – Design for logos – photograph mat, envelope, card.
What is a line book – photograph book and spread
100 book – can cd + plus packaging, book design – what went wrong? Everything
Collaboration brief – how I had to compromise

Craig Article
20qs – poster + card
Red posters series
What is a line book + spread
Mail shot – envelope, beer mat, card
Collab brief – serious tone
Leighs typeface

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