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I wanted to try to take my research beyond asking people in the year. My facebook, and online questionnaires are not going too greatly so I wanted to get general opinion on whether people thought my ideas would work for them, and would they be interested in my welcome pack idea. I emailed the marketing department and also posed questions on, a place for new students to discuss university before and during the time they start the course they applied for. I got a response to both email and forum posts, and here is some of the feedback I received.

Hi guys, I am a first year graphic design student at Leeds college of art and design.

I have a brief which is to design something for new first year students. I have decided to design an introduction/ welcome pack for students who are nervous about their first day.

This pack will hopefully set them in the right direction to help calm them down before starting university. Things like not knowing people, and not knowing where things are or what you will be doing on the first day usually starts people worrying.

Do you think this would help any of you? or have you had something like this sent to you already?

any feedback/suggestions help


I think this would help alot of people, and depending on what it includes could help the people who know no one going to the university of their choice,

I think this would be brilliant, would definitely help me, I haven't been sent anything yet!

Great idea! This could be the potential next big thing :) i think something like this would help people feel more at ease in a new environment.

I want to do another questionnaire online and hope for more responses

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