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I was thinking of using some really simple typographic work alongside the over elaborate illustrations I'm experimenting with. I have a love for both typography and illustration but I usually would not mix these two types of approaches because they are worlds apart in terms of composition and aesthetic appeal. I recognise that not everyone on the first year will appreciate the illustrative practice I am undertaking so I want to try to give everyone something they can enjoy.Enter Craig Damrauer. This pet project of his for 'New Math' does not only conform to a strict structure but also its impact appeals to me. The messages are clear and I love the way he uses these maths equations to get his point across. We shall see soon if this sort of approach would work within the pack I'm creating but I would like to see this type of thing if I was getting the pack in the post. Not only is this now helping people, it's also going to get them in the design mood. 

My Responses

I decided to respond to this by creating my own versions. They look alright at the moment, but I might have to work on the equations.

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