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Over the past few days, before I start designing the contents I thought I'd look at how to make up the box for my welcome/intro pack. I have tried out several packaging nets to see what does and doesn't work, and what the right choice might be for the job. At this point I am not too concerned about scale, but I want the box to be big enough to take the contents I already am working on plus anything I might come up with in the meantime. On the flip side the box has to be small enough to fit through a letterbox.

These are some images of what I have so far, two of which have patterns similar to what I am aiming for in terms of visuals, which will come in due course. I wish to continue to look for suitable packaging designs which I may have to customise slightly to take the contents.

The next step after this will be to decide on stock and scale.

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  1. Anonymous On 17 May 2009 at 15:43

    Really like this too!! even if its very similar to the original - nice idea too - about sticking out the course!