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Just when I thought I had found an ideal visual approach in Kate Moross, along comes this guy. Parra, an underground star in Amsterdam works for Big Active. The work he produces really appeals to me as I am a fan of simplicity but with a degree of professionalism. Parra mainly works on small projects such as posters and flyers. I discovered his work firstly on t-shirts and I have delved a little deeper to uncover his awesome portfolio.

It's his typographic work that stands out the most for me. The composition and colour as well as aesthetic appeal makes Parra a unique designer. His approach is similar to Kate Maross but he has a knack for getting image and type working together beautifully. This has now changed my project for me, I want to focus more on this guy because I love his work, and I think my audience would appreciate this type of artwork.

If you would like to view more of Parra's work go to either or BigActive

Here is a response I created for the speaking from experience brief. I am quite happy with this at the moment but I would tweak it a little if I were to use it for a final.

I haven't really decided on what messages or quotes I want on the postcards yet but this is something close to what I want.

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  1. Anonymous On 17 May 2009 at 15:41

    I really like your double pg spreads - looks like they fell straight out of a real publication - and definitely sum up craig well - well in my opinion!