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I came across another example of contemporary illustration, this time integrated into packaging. Aaron Hinchion of Hinchion & Sons branded a new product in the dog food market. The approach and visual appeal is reflected in the product itself, which is made from decent cuts of meats appose to the cheap rubbish usually put into dog foods. The illustration reflects a natural and wholesome feel that the client wanted.

The image that grabbed my attention was for the packaging for this organic chicken and vegetable bake. The use of stock is important and I love the feel the brown paper gives to the product. Using the recycled paper is a growing trend but I feel this is a good example of an effective piece of design. The illustration, the typography and the stock all work so well together.

On a side note, by discovering this I also found that the team behind this have also worked for indie band Hard-fi, Innocent (smoothy drinks), Skype and UKTV. Seems like they are a pretty big deal.

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