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This week I have really got stuck into making my finals knowing the chaos that would ensue at the digital print facility in the coming week. I finished two variations of my packaging which I printed on cheap card stock. The colours did not come out as good as I'd hoped, they have much more of a pastel finish, where as on screen they are much more vibrant. I'm still impressed with them though and they look really professional once made up.

The postcards are done too. I put together 4 or 5 different designs, and I have chosen to put them all in but I favour some more than others. My illustrated ones fit my theme well and I believe, are the most successful. However, I wanted to include a variety of approaches and so I chose to create a photography based postcard design and a very simple typographic design with featuring an equation inspired by Craig Damrauer.

I also made the wristbands, a few resolutions for the graphics course and a variation for the fashion course. These came out better than I expected. I used iron on transfer paper on cotton tape. The results were more vibrant than I expected and I was pleased with the results. I shot some photos in context and some of the wristbands in full so you could see the detail.

Overall, I am really pleased with what I have done over the year but these are the best results I have had all year, which is how I wanted to finish the year.

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