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I spent most of the day developing my proposal board for this brief. I have it all clear in my mind, but now I have to get on and grind out some work sheets and get some ideas down on paper. This board shows where I'm at now, I mean right now. There isn't much in the way of examples of my own work other than the way the board is made up. I plan to have some ideas done tomorrow as I'm making a visit to the college tomorrow (wednesday) as I need to print and mount this up, and so I can get some sketchbook work done while I'm there. Thankfully my elective is done so I can focus on this brief now as well as getting my PPD stuff together. Luckily I have documented a lot of my work already so I pretty much am up to speed.

Without further a do, here is my board that I will be presenting on Thursday. I think it explains pretty much what I intend to do and how I'm going about this project, so I am happy with that. I can now see how silly I was for having the earlier boards so early, however, I have left myself with a lot to do over the next 2 and a bit weeks.
On the board I have just highlighted what I intend to do and what influences I have drawn on in this project, something which is a little new because I haven't been looking at as much design work as I should have been.

The bit that says 'you're all in the same boat' is linked to an idea of how I want one of the postcards to look, but I'm not happy with how that looks yet. The top bit is nice though, I think. Oh and that typeface is epic. love it. Museo, if your wondering.

Edit: Had a crit with this. Everyone was feeling it. No issues really, just hope no-one was holding back.

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