Padd Solutions

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These are the last two resolutions I intend to use as postcards within the pack. Someone said in one of the crits it would have been nice to try a variety of styles so I wanted to move away from illustration for a moment, because the potential students may be put off if the whole resolution was based solely on illustration. That said, I realise also that there has to be a form of continuity running through the pack so that any resolutions seen out of context could be linked back to the pack. I feel I have addressed the issue of continuity by adding the B.A Graphics tag to all of my postcards.

As of yet I have not decided whether these will make the final pack but it seems more likely now that time is running out, and I won't have time to explore the top trump cards. I want to make sure my body of work is up to scratch rather than creating a lot of resolutions. I don't think not having the top trump cards will hinder the pack too much, it would have just been better to have them in there. The last of my resolutions will be the welcome letter, which will be placed inside the pack also and will be the first thing the new student sees. I want this to be interactive also, but I haven't decided how so yet.

These are the latest postcards. One of which is inspired by Ivana Zorn, and the others inspired by Craig Damrauer.

(2) Comments

  1. RedMarc On 28 May 2009 at 22:56

    not been in any of your crits or even spoken to you about what you producing for this brief. however your final resolution looks amazing, very professional, well designed, and most importantly relates directly to the brief, well done!

    Adam Townend On 29 May 2009 at 07:44

    cheers marc, much appreciated mate