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Finally decided to get these layouts out of the way due to them hanging around waiting to be finished. I have enough to think about so I wrapped up this brief along with the printmaking elective and now I can concentrate on the speaking from and the PPD stuff.

These magazine layouts are based on an article I had to write on a fellow course member. I got Craig Laing and I have enjoyed working on this. I had not spoke to him before but he's a very genuine and witty bloke, a mans man, if you like. I looked at his blogs and conducted an interview with him and felt that I wanted my piece to reflect that interview because I could take quotes from that to use for breakouts. I knew instantly two of the things he said that I wanted for breakouts, which shaped his views but also I think will make the reader want to read the article.

The mention of Nazi's could be controversial but that's what Craig is all about, not conforming to the usual safe approach, well at least that's the sort of person I have portrayed him as anyway. Hope he likes these. I wanted to keep them professional and incorporate his work into the layout as much as possible. I used the vector image that he created for a self promo poster and I used the warning tape as used in the Saville stuff he likes.

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