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I have crit later on so I will post how that went later. Firstly I thought I might create some presentation/proposal boards. At this stage I am testing the water with, what I feel, is my best concept. I also have an idea of how I want to go about this brief. I have tackled this brief from a very personal point of view. I found really difficult at the start of the year, as like most people I didn't know anyone and especially on the first day I felt isolated. I walked into the canteen where the rest of the year were sitting, all from different courses. My throat went dry and everyone I did pluck up the courage to talk to was not on my course. The idea I had directly relates to this.

My favoured idea, as presented on the boards, is to create a bottled water product that would be given to the graphic students upon arriving on the first day of the course. It will help people who are nervous or unconfident identify people from there course and also allow them to take a drink to clear their dry throats. It's supposed gimmicky, and in way would be judge on how it tastes, hence why it would be free. The feelings evoked from this is that the students will think, 'why are we being given water?' and once they read the packaging, they will know.

Here are my presentation boards that I will be presenting today. The first board outlines my problem and some of the words/phrases that I got from research into nervousness, attached with the thoughts I had upon arriving at the college.

The second board illustrates how I hope to resolve the problem through an entertaining, and informal sort of way. I want the resolution to encourage confidence and calm first year nerves. I have come to some design decisions and thought about constraints.

The third board is all about initial ideas. I came up with a name and some graphical elements, as well as a mini mock up of the packaging, even though that is not likely to be the final packaging.

The crit:
I came away from the crit on friday with some problems. I understand now that I seem to be doing the same thing I have always done. I have an idea and I'm trying to run with it before thinking about other possibilities and also running with an idea without research to back up design decisions. I seem to have missed the point with the brief and now I feel as though I have to start over. I have brainstorms and such but I really need to look at creating a lot of possibilities once I have the relevant statistical and visual research. What was the point in me looking at the packaging stuff if I was going to ignore that and go my own way?...

I had some suggestions of where to look for examples of work which may benefit my investigation. is a website for students and part of that is to allow students to find one another via its social networking section. Students can put in the details of the course and uni/college they are attending, and they will be immediately linked to people studying the same course. This means they can talk or even meet up before the course starts so they can build bridges before attending the course. This would help solve the problem I have set myself, and is something that I could perhaps look at rebranding. 

Other ideas I had before the crit was to create either a mailshot, possibly now about yougofurther to make more people aware, or a wristband that people could wear on the first day to make others aware they are on the course. As of yet, I haven't decided on a path that I want to take yet but I will have to in the next few days. The next crit I have to come up with some ideas of how I might resolve the problem, with a idea that I favour in mind. 


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