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I found this awesome book thanks to David, and I am just flicking through to find relevant examples which I can work into my own stuff. Now that I actually have some sort of format and subject, I am trying to focus down my investigation which has been all over the place in recent weeks. I have had no sense of time management on this and was confused about the outcome until last week. I do have some examples from the book but I am unsure as to whether they really do inform my design decisions.

I want to create a book which illustrates identity. I have had to move quickly on this so I extracted the fingerprints of 16 people and also took a photograph of their palm. I have formulated a page design which I want to have a continuous theme but not be boring. I have had to amend the rules as without the colour the piece just would not work.

I want the book to come to sort some of analytical end but I am unsure of what form that will take. I have had an eternity on this project but its been hard to get my head around, and actually focus on one specific area. Now that the focus is in place I can move on.

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