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So the studio for this brief came and went pretty quickly. Me & Lindsey both worked really hard this week. With all the other stuff coming to a head, it was hard to find the time and motivation to finish this by the deadline. After I stop feeling sorry for myself, I was on quickly with the final posters after the previous week of coming up with ideas and possible solutions.

Lindsey has to take all the credit for the great photography. She exceeded my expectations and I felt relieved to know I had someone as committed as her for a partner. She talked to a couple of strangers about taking their photos and luckily they agreed. The photos themselves came out really well and I had a few shots to choose from and find the ones which we both felt would work well on the poster designs.

Obviously, we did not have a huge amount of time to get people on board and set up photo shoot locations like the pros but we captured the thing we wanted in all the final shots, which was realism. The people all have a different personality which is enhanced by the way it has been shot.

I wrote the newspaper stories to accompany the imagery and I feel they fit quite nicely with the images we got and I hardly had to change the stories content, and that saved some time, due to the fact I had written all the stories prior to seeing the photos. We purposely picked people who had a different look about them, people who stood out or could be considered to be an example of a young negative stereotype. Appearance was a big thing for us.

I then started on the finals and quickly noted that I for one did not what the posters to have much of an aesthetic appeal. This wasn't a glamorous campaign that people would look at and say 'ohh thats a nice font' it was a campaign for change and to give people you usually wouldn't a second chance. I added noise to the photographs and changed the mode to black and white to take away the context of the photo.

The purpose and message or our designs was to give youngsters a second chance. Our research suggested that teens inparticular get a lot of negative press right across the news and so the older generation had a dim view of them because of what is news propaganda. We found few positive stories on teenagers so we thought this be readdress the balance a little and make people think that if we talked to these young people we would know their side of the story and find that they have done good in the past, despite the negative connotations and stereotypes attached to them.

The final posters all came out ok. I don't know what else I could have added to them that would not have impacted on the message. I feel at ease with them. They are not world changing in terms of aesthetics but the message is clear enough.

Here is the finals and below is the delivery of them out in the environment.

The images above are linked to the deilvery

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