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I have started yet another new brief. This time it is a collaborative process where I get to work with one other person. I wanted to make sure I had someone I can trust to work, because in previous briefs not everyone has pulled in the same direction. Luckily Lindsey stepped in and I believe I have a good thing going with her. She is more proficient with type and imagery than me, and I hope I can bring my software led skills to complement her input.

On Monday, we decided on the topic 'How to get people to talk more', which was something I briefly touched on in the last brief, so I thought I had a head start on that front. We delegated jobs making sure we both had plenty to do, and today we are rolling out plans for research and gathering data to work with. We have also instructed each other to note down ideas, ready to work with them tomorrow when we sit down and filter the work we have. We decided it was best to work alone at first so we then had a number of ideas to bring to the table tomorrow, I for one find it hard to think of ideas on the spot but I have already come up with a few possibilities that I want to run by her and she what she thinks. There is definitely no leader or person that takes charge in this partnership, I've seen on her blog what she is capable of and I want her to succeed in this as much as me. There is no underhanded approach with people doing work on their own and then saying we are doing this at the last second.

We aim to make this work and come out with something we both are proud of at the end, and if that means me stepping back and allowing for compromise, I am sure I can do that.

The first thing I have looked into is networking sites. I heard on the news recently about facebook harming relationships because people were relying on them to keep friends rather than talking face to face. So my first idea was a campaign to shut down facebook.

Here is a very American (i'm sorry, it seems us English don't have as much time on our hands to have these debates) video which gives to sides to the story of facebook. It's interesting, because both people have good points, so this could come down to personal opinion.

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