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So, I come back with renewed hope and an idea of what I would like to do for the next part of this investigation. My experiments have been lacking and I need to tighten up on this project. I am still confused as to what I have to actually produced for this as my brief says nothing about target audience and the fact that this project has to come to a head with some sort of product or final piece. I was assured in the crit that I needed a target and a focus so this should hopefully clear that up.

I have decided upon using identity as the focus of the brief, and continuing my investigation into line using natural lines. I'd like to create some sort of book of illustrations which will look at the differences in hand lines and also finger prints. I want to take photographs of peoples hands and also get an finger print from them. I will then use digital illustration and copies of the finger prints and focus one page per person. Analysis will go with the hand lines to show the various lines a palm reader uses when telling fortunes.

As for the target audience, first and foremost the people featured in the book would undoubtedly have an interest and other people who could be interested in the book could range from people interested in spirtual enlightenment to those who are interested in science and nature.

The questions I got back from Leigh, Mitch, Alex and Lauren were all suggesting I keep to the natural theme in one way or another, so I this only reinforces my decision to keep on track with this and leave behind the landart which was beginning to seem more like a fine art approach.

Rules = Can only use 4 colours + stock
No photography
Has to be a book

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