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Just got this as my new brief, and I am really very happy, especially when I saw what I could have ended up with. I have already considered my target audience and what form my ideas may take.

My target audience is going to involve children/teenagers who are bored whilst travelling. I thought of this before even doing any research into the game itself. After researching I found that 20 questions can be played by anyone and everyone and more importantly it can be played anywhere. It's free to play and it's good for long journeys and keeping children entertained.

My ideas are already starting to take form and I am thinking that the scale of this should be fairly small and so it can be carried around easily. My audience definitely need to know the rules of the game as well as maybe some suggestions for typical categories they could choose when playing the game.

I need to do some market research now to find out where my target audience goes, who with and what they eat, watch and see. I need to be obviously careful when dealing with children and young teenagers so I am not going to be stopping them in the street. So I have decided to sign up some chat and discussion forums and pose questions and hope for replies. This seems like the best thing to do given the amount of time I have.

Some of the questions I will pose are:

What age group do you fit into?

What's your favourite fast food restaurant? (one can choose more than one)
McDonalds/Burger King
Pizza Hut/Pizza Express
Other (please state)

Do you go on holiday? If so where?

Do you hate long car/bus journeys?
It's ok

What do you do to pass the time on journeys? (you can choose more than one)
play games
listen to radio/music
other (please state)

If you play games, which do you play?
electronic games
word games (20 questions, I spy, etc) (please give examples)

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