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I have been looking around the net for an orange mobile campaign that I have not been able to find but I remember seeing somewhere before. Now I have found some examples, I shall post them. These illustrations by Marcus James were part of a poster campaign for Orange some time ago. I think I remember seeing something similar when I arrived for an induction in one of the old studios.

This approach is something I can relate too as I find typography can be stunning on it's own without the use for complications. The simple look, I think, is much harder to master appose to poster, or spread full of illustration, images and bright colours. I feel designers sometimes try too hard to make things work, rather than allowing the shape of typography to capture and hold attention.

Is this one of the best campaigns around? no. However, I think it takes a certain amount of guts to pull out something like this on what I assume would be a massive budget. I would like to work with this approach and develop my designs further. However, I want more of a hand drawn feel to my work.

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