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My quote was 'A mark indicating position, connection or boundaries.' and I believe this answers it pretty well.

This is my final resolution for the what is a line? brief. I have never envisaged doing something like this when I began the brief but it seems to fit and its an interesting subject, for me at least.

I laid the book out with digital illustrations of most of the people I got finger prints and hand photos from. I traced them by hand first and then digitised them later. Overall I love what I have done, and I think it's one of the better pieces I have done all year.

I decided to use acetate because I felt it was pleasing on the eye as well as quite functional. The reader could compare their hand with the examples in the book. The see through page allows them to do that.

The biggest job for doing this was the laying it out and the actual binding of it. It's not perfect like a commercial book would be but its nice for the purposes of the brief. Because of the way I bound it, using acetate then paper to make up the pages I had to include a middle spread where I put a fingerprint showcase. That came out better than expected, so I am really happy with it all.

Now all I have to do is complete some outstanding back up work and we'll be golden.

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