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If there is anything I need to do more, it's open my eyes. I have to admit I have been quite closed off from the world around me. Getting stuck in the same old routine for idea generation and not looking for any real inspiration harms my personal creative development. So, today whilst flicking through creative review I found an article on this London based illustrator and I liked the illustrative style he had. His website has a taste of what to expect from him

I felt that this type of design related to my pure brief design. This example is one which made me think about my own poster design for the pure brief. I think the illustrative approach is quite similar although the detail in this is much more apparent than in my work.

This example is probably my favourite which was taken from his website. I also like the fact that illustration makes it on to the front page of g2 (every issue I have seen has been just a bog standard photograph).

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