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I had a little presentation crit and I thought I was doing ok, even though I had not really spent as much time as I would have liked on this brief. I explained what I was trying to do, and I feel as though I have become lost in experimentation, which I thought was a good thing, but I have to almost reign myself in and restrict my work to something with more focus. I need a target audience and a final piece at the end of the brief, something which I haven't thought about. I am annoyed with myself because I should have thought about all of this instead of going off on a tangent with different experiments.

The only good to come of my wildness is that I have alot of experimentation to draw on and make some design decisions. I'm still enjoying studying Land art but I feel as though its something I am doing for myself rather than for a fixed audience. It's as though I thought this was going to be an investigation with an answer to 'what is a line?' but not to produce something of any substance.

The next thing you'll hear from me on this is when I finally make a decision on where this is going. I need to decide and quick!

These are a couple of images of a mini land art experiment I did. It all seems pretty pointless now though...

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