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I thought I would take a few minutes to talk about this brief as I think it's the first brief I feel happy with. I feel I have a good deal of research, ideas and resolved finals to feel good about my time management. At first this brief felt like something that would get in the way, but whether I win or not I'm happy with the work I have produced and this is not often the case, particularly on a brief that lasted just a week.

I had my feedback from fellow students and there were some opinions on the aesthetics of the finals but nothing that would affect my final outcome greatly. I realise I could have tweaked a couple of things and darkened the colour, but I felt this was all down to personal preference. I submitted my entry online at a little while ago and now I am ready to move on to the next brief.

Overall, I have enjoyed working on this but that is mainly because of the way my ideas came together. I may decide to tinker with the final a little more before the module submission but I don't think it requires a complete overhaul.

In the end I decided to make a montage/thumbnail poster with different babies on and different names on the labels. Some were clearer than others and the only potential flaw I see in the work is the scale of it. Some of the labels may not read as well as some of the others. At A2 scale this would not be a issue though.

Seen as the target audience for this poster is older students who like to be made to think and rethink, I believe that this poster would appeal to them and but I also feel that the message is spelt out a little too much. However, I would rather have the concept there than risk people not grasping my concept.

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