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I had a last evaluation/presentation yesterday, and I presented my work to the rest of the group. All in all it went down ok, and filled the 5 minutes I had pretty well. After watching everyone else's presentation too, I haven't noticed any glaring mistakes in my work. I think at this point I have to concentrate on getting the final finished and fill in the gaps in my development work.

My main concern is finding contextual references to link my work into. Where I got my inspiration from, etc. The truth is I just got all the data I had collected and put it together on the page to see what fitted where and what was the best layout to use. I didn't trawl through loads of books thinking I could copy or take inspiration from someone else's style.

The next step is to make this module my main focus, despite having other things to finish such as the elective and the current module stuff, I think that those modules can wait a little until I have sorted the rest out. I really have to prioritise my time and think about what 'needs' to be done rather than what I want to do.

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