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I have looked at one Sagmeister piece in a past entry on this blog but, now I have discovered more of his work I am blown away. Like Carson's work, the stuff that Sagmeister produces is totally off the wall to the point where you think 'how can he get away with this?' 'how is it graphic design?'. It's as though he has brought an artistic approach which can be applied to the conventions of graphic design. I just envy his work because it is has a certain style which I have never tried, and I would deem it out of my comfort zone. The use of materials and techniques leaves me thinking how did he come up with this. He cannot have made a plan, sketched out ideas and came to this idea through logical thinking. The try and test theory seems more appropriate to his design practice but how can he set any deadlines if he works like this, how much does he experiment before he has something good enough for the client?

I would love to have the guts to try out stuff like this but I think my head tells me to play safe and gear design much more toward the commercial side. I think it must feel like, where would I start? Confidence is obviously an issue. Confidence in your own ability, and he seems to have it.

This is a piece that I found interesting, although it's less spontaneous than the example above. This poster was produced for a paper company, and had to include one punctuation symbol.

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