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I have now decided to create a brand of bottled water for this brief. This would be given to graphic students on arrival, and they would be able to drink it before taking the plunge to speak to people from their course. The bottle will also act as indicator of who is on the course, as all the graphics students will have them. I hope that this will help people without friendly support to conquer nerves and allow them to talk to one another, thus making early connections before the introductory period.

Now, I have found a really helpful blog called 'the die line', which is dedicated to packaging design. It has really helped me find some unusual packaging that are not already on the shelves in the u.k.

As you can see I found some interesting results, all of which take a different approach to packaging.

'This water' has a real simple feel, which works nicely because it balances nicely with the colour of the fruits. I would ideally like to inject a little more colour into my packaging because a bottle of water does look boring.

I included 'Another Bloody water' because of the tongue in cheek approach, and to show that you do not need illustration or imagery to create successful packaging. However, I would say this type of approach would not appeal to the audience I am targeting because I feel that they want to see something more aesthetically pleasing, although I cannot be sure of this until I have done research.

The 'Mojo' branding is my favourite. I love the colour, the typeface and the way the designer has used left the bottom section transparent. Personally, I feel wary of drinking something I don't know the colour of. It is packaging that stands out to me and feel the target audience would appreciate something like this more than the others. It also proves it works across a broad colour range.

I included the 'Tapd' brand to show a more commercial style of product. Again, I like the transparency, as if their is nothing to hide, and I also like the minimalistic ilustration/logo.

The last orange drink adopts a more organic, illustrative style which is inkeeping with the more modern approach to design. Agencies and the big corporations from Coca Cola to Adidas seem to push illustration and less polished, almost generic design. I think it gives the product a more homely feel as though it is personal.

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