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Just been looking on and if your not familiar with it, where have you been? and more importantly, look at what you have been missing... Today I just wanted to gaze and ponder and beautiful graphics rather than look for specifics. Amongst a range of design pieces I found a website with some really nice typographic pieces. I can see they must take inspiration from Si Scott or vice versa but someones I see Si Scott's work and there is a lot to take in. This seems a little more simplistic but it does not have any less impact. All these examples are from SHCH Graphics Group and the website link is here.

These examples seem to be heavily influenced by Si Scott's work. The use of a sans serif typeface and the curvaceous lines spiraling around the letterforms seems to be a Si Scott trademark. However, the other examples show a different approach that I feel works better. For some reason I feel the sans serif typefaces sit a little uneasy within the illustrations and I feel that the organic, curvaceous typefaces work better. The two examples shown are my favourites from the website overall, but there are many more examples to see, so I urge you to take a look.

Finally, these two examples I felt summed up their approach to typographic design. Words cannot describe how perfectly these examples look and how they are structured. The first, which as far as I can see does not seem to be digitised is mindblowing on first impressions but I love the way it all seems to almost grow and interlink. The second example of the phrase 'nice' is more simpilified approach to Si Scott's style. I actually prefer this to his work which could be controversial but I just prefer simplicity but I appreciate the elegance as well. The colour injected just finishes it off and compliments the phrase 'nice' well.

I hope you'll agree there is some awesome work here, hence my appropriate title choice.

I feel better about my blog, because it actually looks like a design blog now. The last few entries have opened my eyes a little, I do have quite small eyes though.

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