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Ok, so we have another exciting new brief involving layout. This brief has evolved from some type and grid workshops I attended for the past few weeks. Now I have to accumulate all the things I have learnt from those workshops, eg. the anatomy of type (ascenders, descenders, bowls and so on), how to work in grids and columns, use the correct measurements (mm's, picas, points) and then design an article based on a fellow designer. In my case, the designer I got was Craig which is a good thing because I liked his work before this brief but had never spoken to him before, so I used my interview to get an insight into him before the course and also outside design, as I can take inspiration for this when I design the layout.

The interview I did with Craig went well and I certainly got a good amount of information from him. I am designing three dps' (double page spreads) in total and one of those will be an introductory piece of 500 words, the second will be the main body with 1,500 words and the last will also have 1,500. I did panic thinking I would have to write 3,500 words on him but luckily I found that we can re-use some of the copy.

This is what I have so far, and I am thinking that the main body of my piece will be interview based, because I feel it would just work better. My title will be 'One for the future?'. I will also feature some of his works and also some of the works of his favourite designer Peter Saville.

One for the future?

Craig Laing is a 21 year old student originally from South Oxley in Watford. He currently resides in Leeds where he is currently studying for a BA honours degree in Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art and design.

Craig has studied previously studied at Kensington Chelsea College and gained a good set of results for his National Diploma at the second time of asking. “I basically wasted my time the first time around. I acted like a t~@t and I just messed around.” Craig had to refocus on what was important to him, and his drive and determination for success eventually earned him a place on the Degree course at Leeds.

I had a chance to catch him out of his his busy schedule to get an insight into the man that is Craig Laing, both in and out of the studio.

What would you be doing had you not chose graphic design as a career path?
*He shifts in his chair, pondering the question with his hand on his chin* You know what, I don’t really know. I guess I would be in the army or something. *laughs*

Where would you be if you weren’t in the studio?
Hmm, probably listening to music or playing video games. I like all kinds of music from Norwegian black metal to James Brown, and everything in between. My favourite type of game would be strategy games. My favourite is Command and Conqueror: Zero Hour. I watch a lot of news on TV too. I just like to keep up on the current situation.

Do you have a creative background or family?
Yeah I do. My brother actually is the creative director at Hey Moscow. *Takes a drink of his hot chocolate* He crits my work and tells me how to improve it. He’s basically shaped me as a designer.

He would you describe your graphic style?
Erm, I would say it’s humorous but solid, it has a purpose but it’s also light hearted sometimes. It’s like Hitler on a stag do. I like the style of work of Peter Saville. He’s my favourite designer and my inspiration. My style reflects his aesthetically.

Do you prefer to work digitally or more traditionally?
Digitally for sure, but I did start out as more of a traditional illustrator. I used to enter competitions with my drawing and that’s more or less how I got into Graphic Design, that and the fact I was around my older brother all the time.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
*Ponders for a few seconds* Erratic, perverse, and vein.

Which do you tend to first impact or aesthetics?
Impact always, the Nazi’s would have got nowhere on aesthetics alone.

Is there any works that you are particularly proud of that you have done over the course of the last year?
I did a competition poster for which was part of a competition and I liked the spoof design of the monopoly board I did. That was based around the financial crisis.

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