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After getting a new brief this week based around designing a graphic response aimed at next year's first years, I identified a few problems which I could resolve, some of which were;

'Finding you way to college'

'Getting to know people from the course'

'managing heavy workloads'

'Preparation and Attitude'

'Being nervous on your first day'

Out of those I decided that my problem should be 'Being nervous on your first day'. My reason for choosing this was down to my personal experience. I found it incredibly hard to talk to people because of a lack of confidence and not knowing anyone, which was also the same for the majority of others. After coming in on day one, I was told to go to the canteen and when I went in there, there was loads of people sitting on the tables. I realised quickly that there was no way of knowing who was on my course to begin with, so I tried to mingle the best I could. I never did find anyone on the course so doubts started to run through my mind, like was I in the right room, had the course team already collected the students. It was a difficult 10 minutes.

With that in mind I want to create a product which will calm peoples nerves and also allow them to identify who is on the course with them. It will be both an ice breaker and also a talking point. The products packaging will be both informative but also entertaining, and I do have a few ideas to begin with.

Just to clarify;

What is the problem?
How to conquer nerves on your first day

What are you going to do about it?
Create an informative as well as entertaining product

How are you going to do it?
By creating packaging for the product

When are you going to do it?
Research into contemporary packaging - Tuesday/Wednesday
Idea generation - Wednesday
Decide on idea and create visuals - Wednesday
Identify possible typefaces/colours/slogans/copy - Thursday
Create Proposal boards - Thursday/Friday

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