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So far I have attended 8 sessions of my print elective at Vernon Street. It has been both fun but sometimes a little bit of a distraction. However, I have developed my skills in area which I have not had much time in before. Although, it was not my first choice the elective has been run at a god pace and a felt I have benefited from it.

I thought I would include some scans of various prints I have done whilst down there, as I feel it is important to include pieces I create away from the studio. I have focused the whole of this project around cans, which I looked at in the 100 brief (Hell, am I sick of drinks cans?..)

The intaglio printing methods I have looked at are: Drypoint printing, Mono printing, Lino printing, Collograph printing, Etching and Aquatinting. I think I enjoyed the mono and the lino prints the most but the aquatinting also gave some nice results.

I realise that I am not the best printer, however, I do play to my strengths so I found printing textures like this through experimentation had a greater benefit as I can use them to create things like this.

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