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So this is just some of the examples I found in my layout books. As well as giving me a nice guide to work with when I sketch my own layouts, it also gives examples of different grids like column and modular. I have scanned a few examples from the book that caught my eye.

The first example is actually from a poster but I felt it was a good example of how to make a grid but break the rules to give the layout an unique feel. The main thing I want to point out is how the typography overlaps and is so tight together in terms of leading, that the ascenders and descenders come into contact. The book states that this gives the typography a logo like feel and I would agree.

The second example shows some layout designs which all conform to a simple grid but are not limited in terms of creativity. My particular favourite is the layout featuring the number three. I find the text wrapping on the number appealing. The gutter between the column of type and number creates a nice shape which is visual appealing. It no longer makes the information basic, instead the eye is drawn to the curves.

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