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I have been looking around for inspiration and ideas on how to construct my dps' for the new brief, and luckily I have found some nice examples on the net. I still want to buy some other magazines to get an idea of the current trends but the stuff I have found here seem like good examples to start with.

The first few examples I got here and picked out a few that stood out to me for aesthetic purposes and then looked at them in more detail to understand how I really feel about them, and what that might be.

The second lot of examples were from plucked from various designers accounts. I am usually skeptical about using examples from there because most people on there are usually younger students or uninformed people. However, after looking through a few examples I did find some that seemed quite professional but also some that were a little off the wall, and they broke the rules but without knowing what the rules were.

These are two other examples from deviantart that I liked and I thought they were well structured. I particularly like the article about George Tscherny, the blocks of colour really focus the eye and lead it around the copy. The images fit nicely around the copy too. As well as a good balance between type and image there is also adequate space for all to fit in harmony.

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