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I decided to have a trip to the library and found some good books on grid layouts, because I would say I understand that less than the anatomy of type. The chose these books basically because they looked newer, and I have found that books which were published earlier seem a little outdated and not that relevant to today's design practice.

So, I got 'Grid Systems' by Kimberly Elam, 'Making and Breaking the Grid' by Timothy Samara and 'Layout' by Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris. Just flicking through them in the library all of them were right up my street. They have plenty of full colour examples and they don't get bogged down in the technical side. Grid systems in particular has a nice transparent stock which allows you to see the grid placed over the finished artwork, which brings me back to my point about older books. That kind of thing would not have been done in an older book due to the technological constraints, but enough of that. On first impressions these books should serve me well and I will post up examples from them soon.

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