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After looking at Goldsworthy, David suggested researching into Richard Long who is another sculptor/artist who works with what he can find. Where as Goldsworthy does a mixture of spontaneous simple sculptures and much more drawn out and methodical sculptures like the one with the tree in the video, Richard Long creates little sculptures along his travels. I like the fact that he does this for his own enjoyment rather than creating a piece of art that has some sort of meaning that then can be sold on. The landscape is his canvas and nature is his tools. From what I gather Long created these sculptures all over the world.

I found a quote that sums up his work quite well.

I consider my landscape sculptures inhabit the rich territory between two ideological positions, namely that of making 'monuments' or conversely, of 'leaving only footprints'.

The bit I find interesting is the fact these sculptures are based in the middle of nowhere. The upshot of that is they may last a little longer and the downside is that not many people will see them. In fact we would not know they existed unless they were documented. It seems like a breathe of fresh air when you see something like this that can't be sold on for thousands or millions. There seems to be a genuine passion in the work I have seen.

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