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With time running out and my background work looking thin, I may have to submit spreads for the fact book idea as I just can't seeing me having enough time to develop them into a final piece or even finish all the spreads.

I still have other briefs like what is a line to look at further and the photoshop brief to do. I feel a little stupid as I've left some stuff till the last second and spending all my time making my mock up books looking pretty. The upside to that is that I don't have to change much on my artwork book, I just have to finalise the layouts and come up with a way to bind it.

The flip book idea is working, and I have all my images in a suitable format. All I need to do on that is lay them out and print them off. Then I cut crop them ready to be bound. I talked to Roger at vernon street about the possibility of spiral binding but he said they didn't do it there, but he did say we could shape my other books to look like cans which was unexpected. Never the less, I may either to try to do it myself or think of an alternative. I've uploaded a video of the final images and I have touched up and cropped and I think they work quite effectively. You can judge for yourself though :)

Apart from that I working on a belly band with a ringpull attached which will act as opening device. It's a really simple thing but hard to explain. The idea is that you pull the ring pull and the band as a perferated edging which tears and allows you to access the book.

Now I have those ideas down, I need to start working on my fact book spreads. These were what I envisaged them to look like but my fellow students in the crit suggested that the fonts should replicate the fonts seen on the can designs. This would make them link much better, rather than doing something for arts sake.

I also did a gaudy looking 'This book belongs to..' page, it is suppose to look like an 80's but once again I designed for arts sake rather than to fit in with the can theme.

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