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As part of the pure brief I set up a little group here and the response is as you can expect for a weeks brief. A couple of comments got me thinking and have helped shape the way my design decisions have gone. For example Leigh said

Actually...Hitler was a really nice guy...Not that I'm sticking up for him or anything...just...Look into history more if you're dealing with Hitler, don't just assume...

Jack the ripper....Nutter...

After research and using common knowledge you see people such as Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler were not as evil as people see them. They are both brands of evil rather than really evil. For instance these two acted upon the power they were given. Yes they did abuse that power and for that they were and are unforgivable. However, unlike the likes of Shipman and Hindley they did not carry out the acts themselves. This is more cowardly than inhumane which I believe is at the centre of becoming pure evil.

Another quote from Luke also got me thinking.

I'd say hussein, you'll have to go with someone/something iconic for it to really work.. but would you want a hussein poster?

This statement is true. Who would indeed want a poster with the face of Saddam Hussein on. I certainly wouldn't and my target audience wouldn't either. So this statement led me down a different path until I decided upon the idea for using babies.

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  1. David Gasi On 28 February 2009 at 20:09

    hey mate, there's a free exhibition on called baby at the national media museum in Bradford that may be of interest to you. Check out the studies of Alphonse Bertillon, might be useful!