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So, I have decided on using the baby idea and now I am looking at campaigns such as the infamous Barnardos campaigns, where children are pictured with what they will become later in life. This Italian poster is similar but I don't think this would ever be printed here.

A print campaign in Italy, advocating against discrimination on the
grounds of sexual orientatio
n and gender identity, has inevitably evoked mixed resposnes. A poster shows a newborn baby with an identity bracelet showing the word, “Homosexuel”, French for homosexual. The accompany text is “l’orientamento sessuale non รจ una scelta”, translated in Engli
sh as “sexual orientation is not a choice”.

These are examples of the Barnardos campaign I am referring too.

This particular example, with the baby on, was the most controversial and I can see why. This is really hard hitting and relies on the text to stop the audience getting the wrong idea. My poster will be less controversial but will have similar implications.

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