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The first and last crit before the deadline happened earlier and I pretty pleased with the feedback. I knew my ideas could be seen as controversial but I still feel I have toned it down enough to warrant the idea as a final. I identified the baby idea as the one I wanted to pursue.

The feedback I got was that other surrounding details, such as the incubator, were distracting from the main message I wanted to portray. I was advised to do more research and find more baby images and look at the tags on the baby's arm which would have the details such as name and weight.

Other comments surrounding my previous design decisions proved my feelings right. For example the 'Shipman head on the baby's body' was going too far and pushed the message too far. There was also the feeling that no-one would want to display a poster with Hitler or Myra Hindley on.

I will continue to experiment and focus all my efforts into this one idea to push it further along. I have been guilty of striving for perfection too early and not really moving on from the first stage so I aim to do that with this brief. Although, I had doubts about the project before I have got into it and feel I can produce some nice development work as well as professional final visuals.

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