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I've had a real grueler of a week. If I'm being dishonest I almost died with the amount of work I've been doing. Luckily, I have taken a good long look at the time I have left and the way I can actually make these books. I feel I have to be realistic.

The flipbook is not going to be print based anymore. I have decided it will be digital. When I first thought of going digital with it, I felt I may be taking a step back but I have managed to develop my ideas further and have come up with, what I feel, is a better solution than I had. The flipbook is something that has been done quite alot before so in this computer age I feel digital will fit much more. After thinking without constraints about can shaped USB pens and stuff I decided I would burn a video CD.

To develop my idea further I felt the CD would also need packaging to go with it. Seen as most of my designs have been shaped into cans I felt this should be too for continuity. So the CD would fit inside my can shaped packaging, and the user would open the top and 'pour' out the CD. I know it's hard to explain but hopefully the visuals will help. I'm still working on how it might open from the top (possibly a ring pull) .

Here's some images of my final designs for the front and back cover of book 1, and the net and CD for the flipbook.

On a side note I found a good little guide on how to bind a paper back book, which is essentially what my book is going to be. link

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