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I haven't blogged in a while so I think it is time for an update. I have started a new brief which is also part of a competition this week. I have tried to work in a way thats comfortable for me on this brief but also integrate key processes that I have not used to my potential. For example my initial ideas have been few and far between so I wanted to start sketching out ideas a little more before I touched a computer.

For this brief I have to create a poster on the theme 'pure' so the first thing I had to do was write up a action plan and then target a specific area to focus on. After looking at the dictionary definitions of pure I found words like 'fresh, unadulterated and perfect'. After analysing the words in greater detail I found that 'pure' had good connotations attached to it. Out of context, it is this thing thats not anything really but it is complete, yet people's preconception is that pure is undoubtedly a good thing.

This got me thinking about the bad side of pure, like 'pure evil'. You could say words attached to pure evil were coldhearted and ruthless. So I decided I would use 'pure evil' as my concept and try to generate ideas to back this up.

I wanted something hard hitting that my target audience would have to think about rather than my idea and vision to be black and white. My first ideas have been quite controversial through me using imagery of Adolf Hitler and Myra Hindley to name two. However, I have managed to tone this down into something that challenges the preconceptions of pure and also keep it's impact.

Other ideas I've had have been quite simple and have less impact but the best of the bunch is an idea I had relating to diamonds. The term 'pure diamond' is a simple one but well known throughout the world. More importantly, this can be linked to my 'pure vs pure evil concept'. Just thinking about diamonds reminds me of the film 'Blood Diamond' which was about slavery and diamond smuggling. After researching into news stories surrounding the diamond mines in Sierra Leone, I found that this could really shape my imagery, and the fact that the diamonds themselves are pure but the people who own them are pure evil.
Examples of thumbnail sketches coming soon...

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