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As part of my 'What is a line?' brief I have started to look at artists and designers which were appropriate to my theme of using natural and man-made lines. What I mean be this term is, natural lines are something beyond human control and man-made lines are manipulated in a certain way to generate a visual representation.

Rebecca suggested in a crit to look at Andy Goldsworthy, and I am so glad she did because on my first google search all sorts of relevant examples were brought up, and land art is very good topic to look at, as it deals with natural lines but manipulates them like man-made lines.

So onto Andy Goldsworthy. I found a little slideshow video of his work and it really made me think about the natural beauty from leaf patterns to cracks in the earth. So I will investigate those a little more.

heres the video with some of his works.

This is also another video I found of him where he is working with twigs. The sculpture art that he does initially fits the landscape very well before it falls down around the 3 minutes in. I think its quite apt that the breeze destroys it. The natural materials he is working with is actually working against him.

I have just spent a few minutes looking through his work on a digital catalogue. There are some interesting pieces and I have picked out a couple of them as examples. These are much more simple than some of his other works but I feel they have a nice, spontaneous vibe to them.

This particular piece named 'Snowball' was created with this diary entry. "Saw last bit of snow from flat window on Middleton side. Collected snow - made ball, carried into wood - heavy
long way - dripping wet. Went back to see how it was getting on - mainly to see it melt to nothing - as I was leaving a man came - I hurried across got there just in time to see him kick it in stream. - hurt. Didn't say anything - outside I forfeit the right of possession."

It seems like such an appealing way to work by just using what you can place your hands on. It's a form of experimentation that many overlook, particularly in this day and age, with your macs and personal computers, although it's something I am guilty of too...

More on other artists coming soon

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  1. David Gasi On 18 February 2009 at 14:46

    Mate, you should definitely check out Richard Long as well! Quite similar to this stuff.