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As part of this module I have been introduced to visual literacy and more importantly semiotics. It's most literal form I believe visual literacy is about communicating through imagery using common or shared knowledge. For example, if you were to see a image of a dog, you would know it was a dog. When we see an image we have associations about that image. I would say colour falls into that category too. As I've have looked into before 'red' means danger, anger, warning and among other things.

This is my first example of visual literacy. I thought it was quite apt as this is an image of a poster associated with Leeds United. I took this while I was down at the Elland Road stadium last monday. I would say that the designer has used visual literacy through the use of visual synecdoche. The referees red card is a universally known symbol that means a player is sent off. However the use of another univerally known symbol gives us a different idea.

The next image is taken from the Absolut vodka adverts. I think it is an example of visual metonymy. This is quite clearly a photograph of a watches workings. The watch is typically associated with the swiss and Geneva is in Switzerland. Hope that's right...

An example of a visual metaphor was hard to come by but I found this video advert for Lexus. It shows the car being chased by a cheetah. The cheetah obviously depicts speed so this thinking, particularly when the car accelerates away from it, would be placed on the car as well.

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