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New brief alert! Yes, that's right, our new brief entails getting 100 images. I thought that was a little over the top at first but quickly found that 100 photos isn't as much as you would think. This is the research stage of the new brief, so i do not know what I will be using these for. I was asked to get images of objects, places, textures, people and words.

I also was required to print out the 100 photos to a certain size and cut them all out accurately. (They don't want much, do they?) Nevertheless, this is benefiting me in some sort of way. So, here are a couple of photos which I thought came out really well.

The texture is from when I was in Leeds, and is of a manhole cover. The weird structure is from when I went down to my local town centre, Castleford and took a photo of this 'art' piece, which is made out of plastic crates. The other is a close up of a disgarded cigarette packet and the last one is taken from the new multi-million pound bridge in Castleford. It overlooks a boat that got stuck years and years ago and basically rusted up. Locals wanted it removed at the time but it's become part of the history really.

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